For us, sustainability is a long-term vision.
Sostenibilità Edilricambi
We believe in becoming an increasingly ‘sustainable’ business, one that aims to satisfy the needs of today’s generations without compromising the opportunities of future ones.
Sustainability is a vision, centred around actions, behaviour and development choices focused not only on short-term problems but also and above all on long-term ones. Today and tomorrow are inextricably linked: we cannot ignore the fact that what we do today will have consequences worldwide in the future.

Our goal over time is to achieve and integrate three dimensions into our business model:

Environmental sustainability: this aspect is related to environmental protection. Very often, for companies, this translates into a reduced environmental impact during production and a focus on the consumption of natural resources.

Social sustainability: sustainability is also about society and people. Companies achieve social sustainability by ensuring fair and equal treatment of employees, prohibiting all forms of discrimination. It means creating safe working conditions and instilling a sense of belonging in employees.

Economic sustainability: economic sustainability is the ability to create value by producing objects or services that improve people’s lives, combining economic and financial aspects with the aforementioned dimensions of social and environmental sustainability.
Edilricambi è sostenibilità